ColorWheel Harmony

Allows you to create a great looking color scheme with just a few mouse clicks in accordance with the color theory

Allows you to create great looking color schemes in accordance with the color theory

ColorWheel Harmony is an interactive color wheel application which allows you to create effective combinations of colors in accordance with traditional color theory.

Based on the artists' color wheel it also provides six basic color schemes to choose from: Monochromatic, Complementary, Split-Complementary, Double-Complementary, Analogous and Triadic.

Image color picker gives you ability to extract colors from your favorite photos. Built-in screen capture is a simple way to load any graphics shown on your desktop directly to the color picker.

Color charts are another source of predefined colors for your projects. Color matching system can find appropriate color chart entry nearest to the given color on the fly.

Implementation of the Universal Color Language - Level 3 color designation system describes all hue names and neutrals with modifiers for each color you select. Generally speaking, you can precisely describe any color even by phone.

ColorWheel Harmony


ColorWheel Harmony 2.4.0